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This type of campaigns are the most widely used campaign types. You may want your Ads to appear next to Google search result types. Search campaigns help you to reach your potential customers when they perform specific search on Google related to your product or service.

Search Campaigns follow a specific account structure for running ads.

  •  Keywords – It is the most important element of your search campaigns. Search campaigns consists of several keywords based on your business.
  • Ad Groups – Theses ad groups and keywords are tightly bind with each other based on the common themes.
  • Ad Text – Ad text is the final outcome of your Keywords and Ad Groups. Correct binding of Keywords and Ad

Groups in a common theme is essential for showing corrects ads to your target audience. The Lion Roar team is expert in making that happen.

Most of the advertisers fails in creating a right account structure for their Search Campaigns. As it is very crucial for the success of your AdWords account we ensure a correct account structure for all of our clients.

We have explored and implemented full features of search campaign ranging from keyword match types (broad, phrase, exact, negative), Ad scheduling, Geo targeting, Device targeting (Mobile/iPad), Site links, call and location extensions.

We can definitely add value to your existing or new campaigns. We can be reached at